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one-time box pre-order

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Want to otry B.A.G. Box out, and see if it's right for you? Try a one-time pre-order! You will receive the next scheduled box. 

All B.A.G. Boxes ship in the first week of the month. 

in each B.A.G. Box, you will find 4 items that are curated to the theme of that box. Each of the 4 items is intended to be used for self care and empowerment! The goddess in us likes to be pampered. She likes her skin glowing and her house smelling nice. She likes crystals and jewelry. The boss in us likes to get motivated and visualize her goals. She likes creative brainstorming, affirmations, and tools to help her get organized. We'll work with the theme of each box to nurture and grow the boss ass goddess inside us!

Types of products include:

* journals, books, desk accessories, organizational tools, challenges and prompts 

* crystals, jewelry, affirmation cards, manifestation tools

* candles, incense, teas, guided meditations

* beauty items, treats, naughty surprises