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The Science of Getting Rich - July B.A.G. Box item

Hi Goddess Tribe! Chelsea here.

I want to talk to you about the first item in the July Buck Moon B.A.G. Box! It's a book, which makes Denshai and I really happy. We both love to read! We think reading is one of the best ways to learn new things and expand your mind in so many ways. It really doesn't matter what you're reading, but there are certain titles we really like. We are very excited to continue sharing them with all of you!

The Science of Getting Rich is a really easy and fast read that will show you the basic principles of manifestation. The book frames the techniques in the area of acquiring wealth, but they can be used to change your life in any way you wish. 

The main principle of the book is that if you can imagine yourself having the thing that you want, you can achieve it. The book goes on to say that completing tasks in a complete and thoughtful manner is the fastest way toward what it is you want. Last week we talked about mind mapping, and using that tool to focus your thoughts around a goal, and to help you develop some action steps toward it. This week, let's focus our minds on our goal, and visualize our wildest dreams coming true. Then, we can go back to our action steps (our to-do list) and get to work! Take that first step! Make sure you are completing each step fully and to the best of your ability. 

You are well on your way! Just remember that whatever you desire is already yours.