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The B.A.G. Box gift guide

Hello Goddess! 

When we started B.A.G. Box, we knew that an important part of the business would be lifting other women up. Letting another woman know that she's amazing can be so powerful, and we should all do it more! When I get a compliment from another woman, it instantly lifts my mood and makes me feel great. A great way to let another woman know that you see her is by giving her a thoughtful gift. Our boxes are thoughtfully curated, each with a different theme, so that they can match a certain intention. Read on to see how our boxes can match your intentions and the goddesses in your life. 

Mindfulness box - this box is for the woman who wants to live more intentionally. Maybe she just started meditating, or would like to build a regular practice for herself. This box gives you everything you need to help clear out the mental clutter and get mindful! In the box is a 4 week meditation challenge, a sage and wildflower bundle, a flourite crystal necklace, and a copy of The Science of Getting Rich. Get the Mindfulness box here

Abundance box - This box is an abundance kit for sure! Complete with a malachite crystal, money soap, empowering tote bag, and a mind map, this box is for the woman who is on her way to manifesting that abundance! Maybe she's angling for a raise or a promotion. Maybe she just started a new business or side hustle. Let her know you have her back with this box. Get the Abundance box here


Self Love box - This box is for your friend who's not shy ;) Maybe she's single, maybe she's not, but she's all about self love and she's sex positive too. In this box is the peace on Earth bath bomb, rose quartz massage wand, pocket rocket, and a champagne and strawberries chocolate bar. Get the Self Love box here

Motivation box - This one's for the woman who just needs to keep on going! Maybe she's been working hard toward a goal that she's about to reach, and you want to let her know you've got her back. Maybe she wants to start a new project, or she's feeling in a funk lately, and you want to remind her that she's a goddess. This box includes a daily intention tracker notepad, a carnelian bracelet, motivational quotes stickers, and the inner goddess roll on oil blend. Get the Motivation box here


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