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I <3 ME - practicing self love in the season of romance

It's that time of year again goddesses - the time when pink heart balloons, teddy bears, and chocolates pop up everywhere, and we're all asking ourselves how we'll celebrate the loves in our lives on February 14th. A lot of people don't like this holiday, and we get it. Cheesy cards with love-themed puns, crowded restaurants (not this year, but you get the idea), tacky lingerie, and all that really isn't our thing either. 


At B.A.G. Box, we practice self love all. the. time. So we feel like this time of year is really our time, when we can get even louder about celebrating what our girl Whitney Houston calls the greatest love of all! Self love is the foundation for all other loves. We are gonna go there and say that self love is the foundation for a happy, healthy, abundant life. So here are some ideas and products for practicing self love all year round, but especially right now. 

Our XOXO box is a perfect place to start if you're looking to up your self love game. This box makes a great gift to yourself or a goddess friend. Box includes K.I.S.S. book by J. Danielle, Daily self love commitment notepad, rose quartz bracelet, and lip scrub and balm set by Queen kisses. 

Our newest B.A.G. Box exclusive item is also very love-centered - The Love stack bracelet!

This bracelet embodies our entire philosophy of self love all in one bracelet, and we're so excited to be able to offer such an awesome product! We've combined three powerful stones into one stacked bracelet for ultimate convenience and love vibes. Shop the love stack here.

Show your body some love with the feminine balance tea blend by New Moon Tea Co.!

This tea is formulated by an expert herbalist to include the best herbs for the female body. This tea provides excellent herbal support for that time of the month. Shop the tea here

Last, but certainly not least is our rose quartz massage wand. 

This little tool can be used to relieve tight and sore muscles, and also doubles as a self pleasure tool. Yes, you read that right. We support self pleasure as self care. Get yours, goddess. This tool is carved out of solid rose quartz, so while you're using it for whatever purpose you choose, you're also raising your vibe to that of love. Awesome. 

Take care of yourself, goddess, now and always. And we'll be here to help!

XOXO, Chelsea and Denshai