Self care for free (!)

Hey Goddess, 

This is crazy time we are living in. Troubling news is all over the TV and the internet. Now is the time when self care is becoming more important than ever. At B.A.G. Box, we believe in community, and supporting each other through trying times however we can. We also know that self care is personal, and can look very different from one person or situation to another. There is no wrong way to practice self care. What's important is stepping away and doing something for yourself to fill your own cup before you pour out for others. 

We also know that a lot of people are struggling right now, and living with limited resources and having to make big changes in our lives in order to get through the day-to-day. We have put together a list of simple ways to practice self care that are also 100% FREE! Read on to find our suggestions. 

Take a bath or shower

No, we are not talking about one of those fancy instagram baths with flowers and fruit floating all over. Unless you already have a bunch of extra flowers and fruit lying around that you don't know what to do with. We're not even talking about bath bombs or bubbles. We're talking about just plain old warm water if that's all you've got. Water has a calming and purifying effect for us. Submerging yourself for just 20 minutes in plain old water can help you slow down, ground your thoughts, and feel clean and refreshed. If you're in the bath tub, put your head underwater for a few seconds and just listen to the sounds of your body moving in the water. Close your eyes and try to focus on your breath, or one positive thought. If you're in the shower, you can visualize the water running over your body and washing away all your stress and anxiety. Think briefly of one thing that is stressing you out, then let the though go as it washes down the drain. Do this as many times and you need to. 

Call a friend

Call someone you haven't talked to in a while, and just check in. Ask them what's going on in their world. Or just talk about the weather, sports, baking, whatever. Take some time out to connect with someone.

Take a walk 

You don't even need to think of this as exercise. Just move your body. Try walking a new route, or down a side street you haven't walked in a while. While you're walking, focus on what you see, what you hear, what you smell (hopefully is flowers or something...) This can be a great way to ground yourself into your body or the moment. Fresh air and sunshine are always good for you as well. 

Read a book

Have a book laying around that you've been meaning to read? Go somewhere private and commit to one chapter. If you're not a book person, read one article about a topic that interests you. We're not talking about anything news-related. Find a biographic piece about someone you admire, or read a review of a play, movie, or art show. Read a skin care blog. Anything really, just keep it light, and let your mind focus on something else for a minute. 

Sit or lay on grass

Sitting on the grass for a little while is a very grounding experience. When more of your body is in contact with the earth, you feel more connected to it. While you do this, also try to focus on what is happening around you, rather than you inner monologue. Listen to the birds or whatever sounds you hear. Feel the grass on your body. Some people call this practice "earthing" and it is as simple as making a physical connection to the earth. I like to imagine my body sprouting roots that reach deep into the earth and hold me there, and tap into the abundance and virility that is the earth. 

Breathe deeply 

Take one minute to practice this simple breathing technique: breathe in for 5 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Breathe out for 7 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Repeat. This cycle repeated 3 times in one minute, and that's all it takes. This breathing technique works pretty much instantly to relieve stress and tension. I like to use it when I feel myself getting really agitated or frustrated about something. It's like hitting the pause button for just a minute. One minute is really all you need, but go longer if you want to. Close your eyes for more relaxing effect. 

XOXO, Denshai and Chelsea