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Programming crystals with your intention

Hi Goddesses! If you watched our August Sturgeon Moon unboxing video, you know that we mentioned quartz crystal as the universal healing crystal, and that it could be programmed to pretty much any intention. 

What does it mean to program a crystal? 

Programming a crystal is basically telling the crystal what you want it to do for you. Stay with me. Each type of crystal has it's own unique properties, energies, and vibrations that it brings to a space, so programming works best if you work with those properties. For example, black tourmaline is a very protective stone, good for absorbing negative energy. You wouldn't use a black tourmaline to awaken your creativity, because it's not for that. 

Programming a crystal means getting clear and specific about the intention you have with working with that crystal, and imprinting that intention onto the crystal, so it can better help you with that intention. 

How do you program a crystal?

There are several ways to program a crystal, and it's not very difficult or complicated. Here are 5 ways:

1) Use your voice. Literally talk to your crystal. Hold it in your hand, and speak your intention out loud. We recommend repeating your intention at least three times to let it really sink in. 

2) Use your mind. Again, hold your crystal in your hand, and visualize your intention. Think about the outcome of your intention, and how your life will change as a result of it. Picture all the passionate energy of your intention seeping into your crystal. 

3) Use your hands/body. Hold your crystal in one hand, and place the other hand over your crystal. Again, visualize your intention seeping into the crystal. Does the weight of your crystal change? The temperature? The texture? You can also place the crystal over your heart if you have a heart, love, or emotion related intention. Likewise, place the crystal on your third eye - your forehead just above the brow - if your intention is related to intuition, mental clarity, or creativity. 

4) Use the sun. Place your crystal outside or on a windowsill in the sun for intentions related to creativity, motivation, boundaries, goal setting, or money. Be careful with amethyst, citrine, or any other crystal that has a color, as the powerful light of the sun may dull the color over time. Also, charge your crystals in the sun only for a few hours in the morning. Afternoon sunlight is very intense, and can damage your crystals. 

5) Use the moon. Place your crystal outside or on a windowsill under the moon intentions related to family, love, goddess vibes, letting go, and growth. Full moon time is when moon energy is strongest, and can be harnessed within 3 days of the full moon. Your crystal does not need to be in direct view of the moon in order to absorb its energy. 

Programming a crystal is totally optional, and an intuitive process. If none of the above methods speaks to you, experiment with your own ways of programming crystals. If programming a crystal in general just sounds weird to you, don't do it. There really are no rules, and no limits. Be creative, and share with us what you come up with!