My New Moon meditation experience - with green flourite!

I'll start out by being honest. Things have been pretty hectic lately, and I've been having trouble getting grounded, getting organized, and getting things done. So, when a friend invited me to join her for Jessica Snow's new moon guided meditation with flourite on Monday night, I thought, sure, that sounds like exactly what I need. 

As it turns out, my gut was right on this one. It usually is. I am learning to trust that more, and that's one of the things that came up during my experience. I won't go into too much detail about it, it was all quite personal. Jessica guided us to discover our true selves and our true desires. I was both surprised and not surprised about what I found. 

Flourite is a powerful stone for mental clarity. It helps to cut through the fog and confusion of a cluttered mind, and helps to calm and organize your thoughts. Flourite also has protective properties, and can help to clear out any negative thoughts or energy you are experiencing. 

Jessica Snow offers a wide range of services on her website, including recorded meditations for only $5.00, as well as a lot of free content too. You can also check out her many live events if you are local to Los Angeles. I'll leave the link to her site here. Please enjoy!

XOXO Chelsea