Collaborators Series - meet Keisean Raines of So Hum Wellness

Hey Goddess! Today we want to introduce you to Keisean Raines, the multi passionate Boss Ass Goddess behind So Hum Wellness. We meet Keisan on Instagram. She took an interest in what we were building over and asked us to be guests on here podcast Working Title. Click here to listen to that episode. She's a leader in the wellness community. We are so excited to be able to share her book with our subscribers. Read on to learn more about Keisean and her journey. 

B.A.G. Box: Tell us a little bit about yourself (name, business, hobbies)

I'm Keisean Raines, of Long Beach, CA, I bring creative freelancers, consultants, and soulpreneurs together to collaboratively develop habits and rituals that support sustained personal and professional fulfillment.
I am the creator of So Hum Wellness, the organizer of Rooted and the Rooted Collective is a former tech-sales guru turned Writer, Author, Intuitive Speaker, Holistic Healer and Lifestyle Coach. The term So Hum is a mantra that translates to “I Am That”, So Hum Wellness embraces the mantra “I Am Wellness” meaning, I am embracing all aspects of what it means to live a life that is rooted in wellness.
Additionally, I am the host of “Working Title with Keisean Raines”, the podcast, and author of “Because I Said So: Simple Ways to Rewrite Your Story”.
I am the organizer of Rooted and the Rooted Collective, a former tech-sales guru turned Writer, Author, Intuitive Speaker, Holistic Healer, Lifestyle Coach and Business Consultant. I earned a 300 Hour RYT Certification in 2013 from Yogalution Movement in Long Beach, CA and became a Certified Lifestyle Coach in 2016.
I've been featured on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage, was a lead facilitator of the Women's Empowerment Movement in Long Beach, a guest facilitator at the QTPOC Open Space at the LGBT Center of Long Beach, served as a volunteer Yoga & Meditation teacher in the homeless population of Downtown LA; and recently began providing sacred service to the POC community in the Washington D.C. area before returning home to Long Beach.
I work together with others to create an individualized plan to better process our emotions, deepen our self compassion, and strengthen our self awareness so that we can transfer this self knowledge into our entrepreneurial best practices. Our collaborations will provide you a secure and safe space to explore your value, create well-defined personal and creative goals, and accountability frameworks so that you can have a greater impact on the people you serve.
As a result of my Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Business Consulting, my clients improve their mindset, embrace a sense of peace while increasing earning potential through the implementation of strategic business planning. I am looking for people ready to experience bliss, and abundant financial freedom.


B.A.G. Box: How did you get to where you are today?

I do this work to support people with their pursuit of creating a life of their own design. I do so by applying wisdom gained through self-study, intensive personal development trainings and frankly making a few dozen mistakes along the way. The intention is to help others cultivate success and positive growth in their lives with practical, palatable and simple "tweaks" that create a massive, impactful change in their lives.

In 2018, I began living nomadically as a result of losing my home, after experiencing what some may call an "economic crisis".  During this time, I released most of my material possessions, had to leave my home in Long Beach and have found solace in the living rooms, guest rooms and studios of friends, family and mostly members of the loving Yoga community. Without my connection to this sacred practice and the people it has drawn to me, I highly doubt I would have been able to sustain myself physically, mentally and emotionally during this time of what I know to be transformation.  

Shortly after that, I was reminded of my "why" and reset myself by focusing on what was gained in the process of transitioning out of my home, instead of being attached to what was lost. Now, I recognize the presence of so much abundance in my life through the practice of grace and gratitude toward myself and others. We all have a journey in this life and I am still on the leveling up portion of mine.

B.A.G. Box: What does your self-care look like?

My self-care looks like spending time alone, I really do enjoy being by myself and appreciate being in my own company. I take walks daily at the start of my day, and also watch silly tv shows from the 80s and old movies from the 50s. Self care for me is the practice of making myself the most important person in my life and treating myself with a gentle mindset, positive self-talk and REST whenever I need it.

B.A.G. Box: What is your favorite crystal?

Right now the crystal that is serving me the most is Selenite. I suffer from migraines and holding a Selenite wand in my hands helps to ease the discomfort. It also is one that I carry with me whenever I am presenting to a large group or socializing with new people; its an excellent buffer from the bullshit.

B.A.G. Box: What is your definition of a Boss Ass Goddess?

My definition of a Boss Ass Goddess is a person who lives unapologetically in a way that causes others to stop and take notice.

B.A.G. Box: What does the phrase collaboration over competition mean to you?  

The practice of collaboration offers opportunity to expand our reach, increase our impact and empower others. When we compete with one another, that's rooted in a lack mentality and a belief that there's not enough goodness to go around. In truth, we live in an abundant universe and the practice of collaboration over competition is an example of this awareness of the limitless opportunities that exist for all of us.

B.A.G. Box: How can our readers get in contact with you? 

Visit my website at

B.A.G. Box: Any upcoming events or products you would like for us to promote? 

The Body Church with the Raines Family: April 2021

The Writer's Course: April 2021

We Empower Women Retreat: May 2021

Rooted: 8 Limbs of Yoga Masterclass: June 2021

Grab our copy of Because I Said So as part of our I Speak B.A.G. Box here , or as an individual item here . 

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XOXO, Chelsea and Denshai