June Strawberry Moon box revealed!

Tomorrow is the New moon that begins the Strawberry Moon cycle, and if you are a subscriber, you have already received your Strawberry Moon B.A.G. Box. 

This moonth's B.A.G. Box is themed "abundance." We believe that abundance is not something we can create or manifest, but that it already exists all around us. We can tap into that abundance that surrounds us in two ways. The first is by showing gratitude for all the things in our lives that bring us pleasure and make us whole and happy. The second is by focusing our thoughts and actions on drawing more of those same things to us. 

The items in this moonth's B.A.G. Box have been chosen to do this, and as always in our collections, we aim to stimulate both your inner boss and your inner goddess. 

The first item is a malachite crystal, the ultimate abundance and manifestation stone. Place this stone over your heart during the new moon, and set an intention to draw the abundance you desire into your life. 

The second item is a tote bag designed by B.A.G. Box exclusively for our customers. The bag features a quote that we consider to be one of the foundations of our mission at B.A.G. Box. Use this tote bag during the waxing moon to remind you and tell everyone around you that taking from others is not necessary to gain for yourself. 

The third item is jackpot money soap. It is said that washing the hands or body with this soap will help to draw money to you. Use it during the full moon, when manifestation energy is at its peak. 

The fourth item is a mind map designed by Her Own Lane, our collaborator for this moonth. Her Own Lane is a small, woman-owned business that seeks to inspire and support female entrepreneurs. We laminated the mind maps and have included a wet-erase marker, so that you can use yours over and over again. Use this mind map during the waning moon, if you feel sluggish and uninspired.