Mother's Day Musings

Mother's Day can be a beautiful time to honor your mother, mother figure, or the very concept of motherhood. This day can also be triggering for those of us who have lost our mothers, who don't have great relationships with our mothers, who have struggled to become mothers, or who otherwise have pain around the concept of motherhood. 

Being a mother can be trying, and can take all the strength within you. Mothers we know have described motherhood as constantly asking you to dig deeper into yourself, beyond the limits of what you thought you could give to another being. We have also known mothers to say that motherhood is the most beautiful experience there is, and nothing quite compares. 

We believe that self care becomes even more important around motherhood, whether your emotions around it are those of love and appreciation, or stress and grief. Taking care of yourself, and taking the time to fill your own cup is the best way to make sure you are putting the best version of yourself out in the world. Listen to your body at this time. What do you need?

For those struggling with taking time for themselves within the chaos of motherhood, we'd like to point out that children are little sponges. They tend to mimic the behaviors that they see, so when they see you taking time for yourself, and loving yourself, they will learn the importance of these things. So this is a win-win! 

For those of us who's mothers or mother figures have passed, how can you honor that person? Could you cook their favorite food? Wear their favorite color? Dance if that person loved to dance. Sing if that person loved music. Hold on to the memories that make you happy. 

For those of us who have complicated relationships with our mothers, or who are not in contact with our mothers in whatever way or for whatever reason, this time can be especially hard. Is there a mother figure in your life that you can honor in some way at this time? If that's not your thing, maybe take some time to think about the ways in which you have learned to "mother" yourself. How have you taken care of yourself when you needed it up until now? In what ways do you show up for yourself and show yourself love? 

We love you all, and wish you many blessings!

XOXO, Chelsea and Denshai