Crystals for troubling times

Hey goddess!

These are some crazy times we're living in, and a lot of people are scared. Times like this are when we need our spiritual practices the most. A spiritual practice is whatever you want it to be, and looks different for everyone. A spiritual practice can be meditating, breath work, building an altar, making music, making art, spending time with animals or outdoors. A spiritual practice is anything you do that brings you back to yourself, and helps you cope with outside stresses. 

At B.A.G. Box, we love crystals. We love them because we feel they connect us to the life force of the earth, where they come from. We love to meditate with crystals to feel their benefits. We have comprised this short list of crystals that help promote clarity, relieve anxiety, and offer protection. 


Hematite is said to promote clarity of mind and to relieve stress. Hold a hematite in your hand and meditate on your life's path, and it is believed that the hematite will help you see clearly the path that lead you to this point, so you can fully understand your situation and how to move forward. Hematite is also a good stone for grounding and balancing, and is believed to absorb any toxic or negative emotions that may be holding you back from your joy. 


Amethyst is a gentle, protective stone, as well as one that is linked to abundance. Amethyst helps to purify the mind and relieve stress and anxiety, especially stress related to work. Amethyst can help to relieve anxiety as well as draw abundance and success. Some like to meditate with amethyst by visualizing a gentle light emanating from the stone, and enveloping the person in a warm, protective embrace. 


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a true favorite here at B.A.G. Box. This is the love stone. Roze quartz promotes love vibration of all kinds, romantic love, friendship, a sense of community and belonging - sounds about right, right?  If you're looking to feel the love, we have some beautiful rose quartz bracelets available here. Rose quartz can be very powerful to use in a self-love ritual. Hold it in your hand or rub it on your body while visualizing all the wonderful things that make you unique and wonderful. Our rose quartz massage wands are a great tool for doing this by yourself or with a partner ;)

Have fun with this list, and take care of yourselves and your neighbors. Remember that we are all in this together, and check in on your friends and loved ones. Offer to help where you can. 


The information provided in this post is not to be used as medical advice. We do not suggest that using crystals will keep you from getting sick, and we advise all readers to follow the advice provided by the CDC to avoid contracting illness. The information in this post is also not to be used as a substitute for psychiatric care. Please contact a mental health care professional if you are experiencing severe anxiety or panic.