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Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

Hi goddesses! Today is the beginning of this summer's mercury retrograde season, hooray! Everyone's favorite astrological boogeyman is back! 

If you've been on instagram lately, you've probably seen a lot of funny memes, and some desperate sounding posts telling you to get you sh*t together because we're in for a wild ride, etc. 

Here's the thing: the movement of the planets is not going to drastically alter the course of your life. So don't panic and lock yourself in a closet until the end of July. I like the "re" rule: re-think, re-read, re-evaluate. Here are some tips about what to expect, and what crystals you can keep near you to counteract some of the weirdness. 

Communication: mercury retrograde usually sees an increase in miscommunication between people. You might feel a little more easily confused, or mentally foggy during this time. Take extra time re-read emails, re-think before you speak, and generally slow down before reacting or responding to other people. It is also suggested not to sign contracts or make large business deals during this time, due to increased miscommunication. 

Technology: electronics might be on the fritz during this time. The last mercury retrograde this year coincided with a large scale Instagram outage that lasted about a day and a half. Your computer might act up, as well as your phone. You might lose emails. Just be patient, and maybe put off launching your new website until after mercury goes direct - July 31st. 

Irritability: some people notice more arguments between people at this time. This is due to all of the above frustrating things that could be going on. Try to take things slowly, and stay compassionate with others during this time. 

Here is a list of crystals we recommend keeping near you during this time. 

Flourite: known as a "psychic vacuum cleaner," flourite helps to  clear confusion and cluttered thoughts. Flourite can also be helpful in discerning what kinds of energies and people to allow into one's space and mind. Flourite also harmonizes well with black tourmaline and rose quartz. 

Black tourmaline: a powerful protective stone, black tourmaline helps to clear out negativity and disharmony. Black tourmaline also works to relieve anxiety, negative thoughts, anger, and self-judgement. 

Amazonite: known as a peacemaker, amazonite assists in communication within the self, and among people. Amazonite helps us to discover our truth and to speak it, helping with clarity in communication. 

rose quartz: this stone is known as the stone of love and compassion. This time requires us to have a little more compassion for each other, so carry a rose quartz in your pocket to help with this. 

clear quartz: this stone is known as the universal power stone, as it is highly programmable for whatever your intention. Holding a clear quartz and speaking your intention aloud amplifies that intention as you send it out into the world. Quartz is also believed to amplify the properties of the stones around it, so use it to your advantage here, and place a quartz crystal near your mercury retrograde stones to help amp up the protection!

 We have some lovely flourite point pendant necklaces available here: pick one up to help you through this time. 

Other crystal resources we love: If you are local to Los Angeles, check out Spellbound Sky for your crystal needs. Not and Angeleno? Energy Muse has an online shop for crystals and jewelry 

And finally, just remember to relax, and don't let anything escalate unnecessarily. Keep the peace, goddess, and you will be happier for it!

XOXO, Chelsea