Collaborators Series - meet Carolina of Crystal + Irie

Hey Goddess! Today we want to introduce you to Carolina Rivera, the creative Boss Ass Goddess behind Crystal Irie. We meet Carolina on instagram. She took an interest in what we were building over and we have been following each others accounts ever since. We are so excited to be able to share her pure bliss soap with our subscribers. Read on to learn more about Carolina and her journey. 
B.A.G. Box : Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
My name is Carolina Rivera and I own Crystal Irie. A Latina owned holistic self care brand. I make handcrafted natural skincare products made with intention. Our soaps are crafted with holistic skincare and mindfulness as a priority. Each bar is embedded with a cleansed and charged crystal. I have a background in Photography and I love music.
B.A.G. Box : How did you get to where you are today? 
Consistency is what always comes to mind first. I'm not always perfect at it but I have a very clear vision of what i want to achieve with this brand and the message i want to send out into the world and each day I work towards that future. Wether it's doing one little thing or spending the day making products till i can't anymore. Any step (big or small) towards the right direction makes a difference in achieving your goals. Manifesting doesn't work if you don't take action.
B.A.G. Box : What does your self-care look like? 
I am still learning how to self care. Its definitely a learning process, because personally as a small business owner i tend to prioritize the needs of my business than my own needs. but when i do take care of my needs first. I like to make my bed first thing in the morning. It always gives me a sense of accomplishment that the day has just started and i have already completed my first task. I also meditate and do light breath work when i can. I also like to do shower meditation and be really mindful while using one of my crystal soaps or applying oils. Doing things a bit slower and enjoying it rather than rushing thru everything. Music is also my go to when i want to slow down a bit and relax.
B.A.G. Box : What is your favorite crystal? 
Citrine is my favorite crystal. As a person who struggles with mental health. I connect with Citrine alot. It promotes positivity and joy. It helps manifest prosperity and abundance and helps with self esteem and confidence. And it promotes creativity.
B.A.G. Box : What is your definition of a Boss Ass Goddess? 
Boss Ass Goddess to me is someone living their truth, authentically. Someone kind and caring but also defies standards. Someone who inspires others to be themselves unapologetically.
B.A.G. Box : What does the phrase collaboration over competition mean to you? 
To me collaboration over competition is everything. You will get a lot farther in life, love and all, without competition. We all have unique things to offer and there is room on the table for all of us. I honestly believe if you have big dreams you can't do it alone. I am super grateful for all the people I have met in this journey. Our collective voices are stronger together.
B.A.G. Box : How can our readers get in contact with you? 
We can be reached at or by emailing at You can always check out our ig page @crystalirieco
B.A.G. Box : Any upcoming events or products you would like for us to promote? 
I will be vending in the New York Area all throughout the year. Every Weekend at Bronx Night Market and on the 1st Thursday of every month in Harlem at the Uptown Night Market. If you want to meet me and check out all our products in person.
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XOXO, Chelsea and Denshai