Cleansing and clearing - it's not just sage!

Hi Goddesses! We've been talking a lot about cleansing your space and your energy, raising the vibe, and clearing out negativity. Nowadays, most people are familiar with the benefits of burning sage to clear out negative energy from your space and your mind. There are lots of other ways to raise the vibe, however, and many of them don't require burning anything. Here are some of our favorites!

Room sprays: you can make a simple room spray very easily using essential oils, distilled water, and witch hazel (or any other alcohol to help the water and oils mix better - some people just use vodka!) Try experimenting with essential oils that you like. You can also use pre-made room sprays. Florida water is a favorite of ours. Florida water is traditionally used in shamanic ceremonies for cleansing and clearing. You can use Florida water to clear the vibe in any place where it wouldn't be good to burn anything. Try it in your office, or spray it over your sheets before you go to bed. We carry a lovely Florida water spray from SmudgedCo in our shop here:

Crystals: There are many crystals out there that are good for clearing negativity, and raising positive vibrations. Clear quartz is great for raising the vibe, and amplifying all the good energy in a space. Rose quartz is good for raising the love vibes. Selenite is perfect for clearing the energy, and acts like a psychic filter, taking in negativity and transforming it into positive vibes. Place a small selenite tower in each corner of a room to keep the good vibes flowing! Black tourmaline is a great stone for clearing out negativity. It absorbs the bad vibes like a psychic vacuum cleaner. Black tourmaline must be cleansed regularly to keep it working. I keep a rose quartz, a clear quartz, and a black tourmaline right by my front door to protect my space, and my home feels great! As soon as I walk in the door, I feel totally at ease. We carry small clear quartz pyramids in our shop here:

Visualization: I love this one, because you can do it anywhere, and it's absolutely free! There are so many visualization methods out there that can be used in different situations. After a long, stressful day, you can use the waterfall method to cleanse yourself of any heavy vibes. Take a deep breath, and picture a warm waterfall flowing over your shoulders, and down over your body to your feet. Let the water wash away all your stress and anxiety. Keep visualizing the waterfall until you feel your face relax, and your muscles soften. You can do this visualization in the shower, too if you prefer. You can imagine that your soap is a magical salve that is washing away your stress. In a stressful moment, a good practice can be to ground yourself. When you feel your heart rate rising, and stress building, try taking a break, mentally. Take a few deep breaths, and visualize roots growing out from your feet, and down into the earth. Visualize branches growing up out of your head and shoulder, and reaching into the sky. Think about your roots drawing up mother earth's loving energy into your body, and your branches soaking up sun and starstuff energy and drawing it down into your body. Do this as long as you need to to feel calm again. If you are going into a situation that you know will be hard for you, or in which you feel vulnerable, try a shield visualization to protect your energy. Visualize a bubble of light surrounding you. Make the bubble any color that makes you feel safe. This is your invisible shield against anything that depletes your energy. Another method is to visualize some symbol like a flower, an animal, or any talisman. Visualize this symbol positioned in front of you. This symbol is there to absorb any negativity that may come your way. During you day, whenever you feel stressed or vulnerable, just remember that talisman out there in front of you protecting you. Give your talisman a little dusting every now and then, to refresh it. 

Herbs: There are lots of herbs with the ability to cleanse and clear. Palo Santo is becoming nearly as popular as sage for lifting the vibe and clearing out negativity. Palo Santo has a beautiful, bright scent when burned that some people prefer to sage anyway. Cedar is another great herb to burn for protection, renewal, and grounding. It is very slow-burning, and has an earthy scent. Copal, while technically a resin and not an herb, is another good one for cleansing. You can buy copal scented incense, or burn the copal resin itself on a hot coal in a fire safe incense burner. Copal gives off a lovely, warm, woodsy scent, and cleanses the area of negative vibes as well. 

This list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope you've been inspired all the same!

XOXO, Chelsea