Burning sage for spiritual wellbeing

Hi Goddesses! Chelsea here. During the month of July, we've been exploring different ways to master our minds, in order to harness our own personal power. Right now, our moon is waning, which is an ideal time for releasing, cleansing, and letting go. We've included a hand forages and dried sage bundle made by Rowsie Vain as our waning moon item in the July B.A.G. Box, due to sage's power to clear out stagnant energy. Using sage to clear your mind and emotional body of unwanted and unhelpful emotions, stress, frustration, or other feelings can be a very powerful tool. 

Most of us are already familiar with the power of sage smoke to cleanse and clear out negative or stagnant energy. You can burn sage (using a fire safe bowl to catch any embers) and walk around your house or apartment, waving the smoke into the corners of each room to lift the mood. Similarly, you can wave the smoke over your body, to lift your own mood or get rid of any unwanted feelings that may have attached to you during your day. 

I like to give myself a little sage smoke bath in the evenings sometimes, because I tend to be particularly sensitive to other peoples' energy and emotions, so this helps me clear out any emotional stuff that's not mine. I use a few different methods for this cleansing, but I'll talk about burning sage today. 

I like to close my eyes and breathe deeply for few seconds. Just a few deep breaths in and out, and focus on my breathing while I do this. I notice my mind slowing down, and my heart rate evening out while I breathe deeply. I then light my sage bundle, and let the flame die down to a smolder. I then wave the smoking sage bundle around my body slowly, beginning at my feet, and moving slowly up to the top of my head. Moving from the feet to the head pushes the unwanted energy up and away from my body, and into the sky. 

Sometimes, for further grounding, I will imagine myself growing roots from the bottoms of my feet that reach deep into the earth. I then imagine branches sprouting out from my shoulders and reaching up into the sky. I take as much time as I want with this, until I feel totally relaxed, then I slowly call myself back into the moment, and into my body. 

This is a great little ritual to do after a challenging day, and can take as little as 5 - 10 minutes if you want it to. After doing this very simple cleansing ritual, I usually think more clearly, and sleep better. Try it for yourself, and tell us what you think!

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 xoxo, Chelsea