B.A.G. Box 2022 gift guide

We are great at gifting at B.A.G. Box, and gifts are one of our favorite things - right behind self love and manifesting ;) We love to help people find the right gifts for the loved ones in their lives as well. Read on for this year's gift guide!

The Blue Aura box is a great choice for the spiritual one on your list. It's full of items that help one connect to spirit and meditate. Find it here or catch us at our next in person event!

The Green Aura box is a nice one for the self care queen in your life. This is a wonderful collection of premium handmade items all designed for maximum pampering. Find the Green Aura box here.


The Change The Vibe box is perfect for anyone looking to learn about smoke cleansing, its history, and the many cultures that claim it. The box comes with one of the best books out there on the subject, The Art of Sacred Smoke, written by Smugded.co founder Neelou Malekpour. The box also includes items discussed in the book, so you can use your new knowledge right away. Find this box here

Our Premium Seven Centers box is the ultimate in self care kits. The book included is invaluable, imparting a wealth of knowledge on rituals practices for self care with the seven major energy centers as its focus. This box also comes with crystals that correspond with those seven energy centers, and other items to help you utilize all the knowledge contained in the book. You'll truly never need another source for restorative practices. Get the Seven Centers box here.


If you're looking for something smaller, our mini kits are just the thing. Just two items, tiny price tag, and a whole lot of support. Explore mini kits here.