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Announcing 2022 box themes - all about auras!

For 2022, we're talking about auras - what they are, how to cleanse and refresh them, and what they mean. 

What is an aura?

An aura is the energy field that surrounds all living beings - yes, that includes plants and animals! This energy field can change depending on our emotions and experiences, and even the other beings around us. Some people can see auras and interpret the colors that they contain. We believe that all people (and animals) can sense the aura of another person if we tap into our intuition. Think about it - have you ever sensed that a friend was upset or going through a hard time? Have you ever met a person for the first time and instantly got some kind of "vibes" from them - good, bad or meh? That's you picking up on someone else's energy that they are putting out into the world simply by having emotions and experiences. 

When / why would you cleanse your aura?

Cleansing the aura is a wonderful way to refresh your energy. If you are feeling sluggish, stuck, low energy, sad, or frustrated, cleansing the aura can help you feel refreshed and lightened. At B.A.G. Box, we like to cleanse our auras all the time! We often talk about cleansing as a way to begin different parts of the day, for example when we begin our work day, mid-day, then again after work is finished and personal time begins. We also think it's important to cleanse before doing any sort of ritual, meditation, or inner work. We believe that cleansing our energy fields regularly helps us to take responsibility for the energy we are bringing to any given space. Have you noticed how people often react negatively when negativity is thrown at them? Cleansing helps to let go of any energy that we don't want, and to re-set our intentions. 

How do you cleanse the aura?

There are many ways to do this, and we think you should choose the method that speaks to you the most. You could also try different things, combine different methods together, and decide what works best for you. Here are a few methods we like:

  • smoke cleansing: using the herb or incense of your choice, light it and create a smoke flow. Direct the smoke around your body, starting at the top of the head, and working your way over the shoulders, around each arm, over the torso, around the legs, and don't forget the bottoms of the feet! As you bathe in the smoke, visualize your energy changing, the heaviness lifting, and your mood transitioning. Be sure to use a fire safe dish to catch any stray embers as you cleanse. 
  • water cleansing: in the shower, let the water wash over you from the head down, and as it does, visualize the water as a healing or cleansing light cascading over your body, and washing away any energy you don't want to bring into the next part of your day. Then visualize the energy you do want! In the bath, submerge your body and visualize the water washing over you as liquid sunshine, washing away anything you want to let go of. We love to use this method to transform our daily shower into an energetic cleansing. 
  • breath cleansing: stop what you're doing. Sit in a chair, with your feet firmly on the floor, and hands in your lap in front of you, and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in for 5 counts. Hold for 3 counts. Breathe out for 7 counts. Hold for 5 counts. Doing this 3 times is 1 minute, and instantly changes your energy. While breathing, you can visualize your energy transmuting into something different, calming your body, slowing your heart rate, or you can just focus on the breath and counting. We find this method super helpful in the middle of a stressful situation or confrontation. The breathing can be done standing or with eyes open if needed (like if you're at work ;)
  • movement cleansing: this one is as simple as moving your body. Go for a walk or a jog. Dance for five minutes. Do a quick yoga flow. Or simply stand up and shake off whatever energy you're trying to get rid of. 
  • sound cleansing: listen to some music that makes you feel great. Or listen to some affirmations set to music! Our favorites are Toni Jones and Beautiful Chorus. You can also write some affirmations of your own and recite those to yourself. Another method is to use a bell to clear energy. Any kind of handheld bell will work here. Ring the bell a couple of times above your head, over your shoulders, over the arms and torso, and around the legs. The idea here is that the sound of the bell shakes up the energy that's surrounding you, and helps move along whatever isn't serving you. 

How can you sense another person's aura?

We all have the ability to sense another person's aura, or energy field. For some people, this comes naturally and without trying - it can even be kind of annoying. For these people, sometimes other people's energy rubs off or sticks to them, and it can cause confusion or emotional turmoil that isn't yours. For others, it may take a little trying to sense another person's energy by tapping into your own intuition and opening yourself up to the emotions / energy of another person. Try this exercise with a friend:

Sit face to face and within arm's reach of each other. Make yourselves comfortable with cushions or blankets. Dim the lights, light some candles, or burn some incense to create a relaxing atmosphere. It is a good idea to cleanse yourselves in any method you choose. Close your eyes. Person A should then place both hands in the air close to, but not touching, person B's body. Person B should now visualize happiness, and think of a situation, experience, or person that makes them happy. Visualize in as much detail as possible, and really try to see yourself experiencing the emotion. What does your face look like? What is your body language doing? Are you laughing? Are you dancing? Person A should move their hands around person B's head and shoulders. Try not to visualize anything yourself, only open your mind to picking up what Person B is feeling. Try to clear your mind and let visuals and feelings come in. Do you feel any temperature sensations in the palms of your hands? Is there a color that pops into your head? A feeling? When you are both ready, move on to a different emotion. Try the exercise with fear, sadness, and/or love. Then switch roles, and let person B try to sense person A's energy. If it helps, you can ask a third friend to join and act as a guide in this exercise. When you're done, compare notes. Talk to each other about what sensations you felt or sensed when your friend was visualizing their emotions. You might be surprised at your result!

Stick with us throughout 2022 while we explore auras and their meanings!

XOXO, Chelsea and Denshai