2021 B.A.G. Box Gift Guide!

Hey Goddess! The 2021 gift guide is here! If you're wondering where to look for all the Boss Ass Goddesses on your list, look no further! We've curated 6 new themed gift boxes for you to choose from, one for each Goddess you know (or each Goddess inside you, either one ;) Each of these boxes is exclusive, and are not part of our subscription program, so get them now while you can!

The Bath and Beauty Gift Box

This one's perfect for the bathing beauty who loves a little handmade luxury in her beauty routine. Includes the Pure Bliss lemongrass and calendula bar soap embedded with a citrine crystal, the rose face kit set of powdered clay face mask and rosewater toner, the rose quartz targeted mini sheet face masks, and the sweet orange body butter. Get it here

The Deeper Body Care Gift Box

This is for the Goddess who's into that body based self care moment, but she's ready to go deeper. The box includes the Yakuto herbal bath tea, the cork massage ball, the rose quartz gua sha facial massage tool, and K.I.S.S. by J. Danielle. Learn more and get the box here.


The Vibe Cleanser Gift Box

This box is for the Goddess who's looking to clear out any negative or stagnant energy from the home or the aura. The box includes the sage and wildflower bundle for smoke clearing, the crystal infused Agua de Florida for smokeless vibe clearing, the Inner Goddess roll on oil blend, and the frankincense and myrrh candle. Get the details and order here. 

The Manifestation Gift Box

This is the perfect gift box for the Goddess who's ready to get started on her manifestation journey! Included in the box is The Science of Getting Rich, the negative to positive notepad, the Pure Intentions affirmation candle, and a glittering pyrite crystal. To purchase, click here.

The Cocktail Lover's Premium Gift Box

This is perfect for the cocktail loving Goddess who's looking to get tipsy while raising her vibration. In the box is the engraved Boss Ass Goddess travel wine tumbler and coaster set, the rose quartz reusable drinking straw, the Drinks For Mundane Tasks cocktail recipe book, and the Solar Plexus tea blend. Learn more here.

The Seven Centers Premium Gift Box

This one's a continuation on our subscription theme for 2021, where we drew inspiration from the seven major energy centers in the body. This box is a culmination on that theme, and designed to stimulate all seven major energy centers at once! In the box is a seven day rainbow candle, a dried sage bundle with rainbow rose petals, a set of seven crystals, each corresponding to one of the seven centers, and Chakras and Self Care - a book all about the energy centers and how to work with them for self care and inner peace. Check it out here.

Happy shopping, Goddess!

XOXO, Denshai and Chelsea